Statement — Snow White


These safe and stylish silicone necklaces keep those cute little baby fingers busy while breastfeeding, carrying or cuddling and give mother something stylish to wear!

All of our necklaces are made of BPA-free foodgrade silicone and durable satin cord. The safe fastening pops open if pulled too hard.

Hand made in Helsinki.

Necklace is easy to clean, just handwash with mild soap and water.

All of the beads used in our necklaces are foodgrade silicone which is:

– BPA Free
– Lead Free
– PVC Free
– Mercury Free
– Phthalate Free
– Cadmiumn Free
– Odourless
– Eco-friendly
– Easy to clean (Simply wash with mild soap and water!)

Be aware that the necklace is not a toy. Child should not be left unattended with the necklace or given a broken necklace to handle.

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